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An indoor herb garden is on my list of things I’d eventually like to create but will probably never get around to because I can think of a million excuses along the lines of “we don’t get enough natural light inside” to “I could go get supplies, but I’d rather watch another episode of Dexter.” […]

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I don’t use canvas grocery bags as often as I’d like because 1. I need the plastic ones to pick up after my dog, who refuses to poop in bushes and insists on doing it in people’s yards so that I have to pick it up, and 2. I have far too many ugly free […]

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Tortilla Soup

Sorry for the worst picture ever taken – my camera was dying and I was only able to snap one picture. Crappy photo aside, this soup turned out amazing. I vegan-ized my recipe for tortilla soup, which is a recreation of this ridiculously amazing tortilla soup I had in Hawaii this past spring. The key […]

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My first vegan baking experience, which I suppose was technically a failure because I didn’t know the sugar I bought was processed with animal bones. Aside from that, they didn’t suck! They didn’t get all golden like cookies made with butter do, so I stuck them under the broiler to “brown” some of them. That […]

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Vegalocatarianism. Or something.

After doing some reading and watching one too many internet videos of the horrible things that happen to baby pigs, cows and chickens in factories, I’ve decided to eat…differently…for a month. And then evaluate. I’m cutting out meat completely (not hard since I don’t currently eat much) and trying to cut out animal by-products, which […]

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