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To be filed under “Random Crap I Don’t Need”

An indoor herb garden is on my list of things I’d eventually like to create but will probably never get around to because I can think of a million excuses along the lines of “we don’t get enough natural light inside” to “I could go get supplies, but I’d rather watch another episode of Dexter.” […]

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Shameless plug

It isn’t for my work, so I think it’s allowed. I just wanted to brag for a second that I’m friends with Caite, who I know from our days back at JMU when we used to spend, oh, every waking hour or so at the student newspaper as editors. She was (no surprise here) the […]

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On scented candles

I’m generally opposed to scented candles. Not because they don’t smell nice, some of them do, but because they are usually so overpowering I feel like I’m being forced to eat “sugar cookie” or “christmas tree” or whatever other scent is being burned into my lungs. If I wanted a sugar cookie, I’d eat one, […]

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Under the weather

Not sure if it’s the chilly weather or what, but I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I might not be able to move from my couch ever again. Luckily I’ve got just enough energy to scour the internet for snuggly things – and mission accomplished! Just looking at this scarf makes me […]

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