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Luciferus Bagleus

Fast Tube by Casper I know she’s my dog, so I automatically think this is hilarious, but seriously, tell me she’s not the weirdest bagle you ever did see. Many thanks to Chris for catching this magical moment and feeding her all of those reduced-fat Wheat Thins to teach her to sit up like that.

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When positive reinforcement goes wrong

My dog is not like other dogs. I’m sure a lot of people think this about their dogs, but I really think mine is…different. Not because she’s extremely bright or intelligent (she’s definitely not), in fact, she is motivated entirely by three things: 1.) food 2.) figuring out how to get you to pay attention […]

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My roommates brought this squeaky toy into my dog’s life. I’m guessing it was supposed to be my punishment for the time she peed in one of their laps, but the joke is on them – turns out my incredibly intelligent and brave bagle is afraid of rubber things that squeak. She grabs it very […]

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