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Why Hibernating is a Bad Idea

Fact: If you deal with winter by spending the cold months curled up on the couch with good books and red wine, you will be incredibly sore when you decide to hop on your bike and ride 11 + miles. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. Everything is starting to bloom, and all […]

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Holly Jolly

Fast Tube by Casper Best commercial of the season. By far. I hope my family is prepared – this will be my entrance music Christmas morning.

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My first vegan baking experience, which I suppose was technically a failure because I didn’t know the sugar I bought was processed with animal bones. Aside from that, they didn’t suck! They didn’t get all golden like cookies made with butter do, so I stuck them under the broiler to “brown” some of them. That […]

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Vegalocatarianism. Or something.

After doing some reading and watching one too many internet videos of the horrible things that happen to baby pigs, cows and chickens in factories, I’ve decided to eat…differently…for a month. And then evaluate. I’m cutting out meat completely (not hard since I don’t currently eat much) and trying to cut out animal by-products, which […]

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