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Week 5 – from Africa!

Well, not exactly, but the recommendation for it was. This week’s album was chosen by my good friend Anna, who broke my heart and ruined all of our lives by moving to Gabon with her family, thereby robbing us of weekly wine drinking sessions at her beautiful home in Blacksburg. Despite being a total buzzkill, […]

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What, do I not look like a hip hopper?

Once upon a time, I interned as a page designer for a newspaper. That meant I was essentially a creature of the night. I didn’t have anything resembling “normal” work hours, and pretty much the only people I interacted with were the people I lived with and the people I worked with. My roommate from […]

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Warning: This album will make you want to boogie

I realize I am behind. So that means TWO albums this week instead of one, you lucky readers! That post will be later this afternoon, and I’m already chuckling at the pair I’ve picked. Before I get to that, let’s talk about Cee-Lo Green, and how much I loved Lady Killer. The only song I […]

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Week Two

The next album was originally slated for later in the project, but I sort of cheated on week one with it. This is on the recommendation of one of the greatest friends and roomies I’ve ever had – who also happens to have great taste in music. (Hi Sarah!) We never roadtripped without creating a […]

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I might be too dumb for this project

I’m a day late, I know, but I had Very Important Things to do yesterday. And I had trouble trying to compose this entry, because I’m pretty sure I’m about to embarrass myself terribly with my thoughts on Teen Dream, the first album of my music project. I’ll start with my non-Google influenced thoughts. I […]

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