Week Two

The next album was originally slated for later in the project, but I sort of cheated on week one with it. This is on the recommendation of one of the greatest friends and roomies I’ve ever had – who also happens to have great taste in music. (Hi Sarah!) We never roadtripped without creating a mix for the occasion – my horribly disorganized CD book (I know, I’m dating myself) is full of those mixes from our trips up and down the east coast and my four years at JMU. I haven’t been so good about making them in recent years, which is a shame because I love pulling the old ones out and being instantly transported to the bright orange kitchen where we shared so many dinners, coffees, egg sandwiches, study sessions, and intoxicated conversations about life.

Anyway, enough about how much I love Sarb.

This album got bumped up because I can’t stop listening to it: Cee Lo Green’s The Lady Killer. Listen to it with me on my Grooveshark station here, and catch up on last week’s album if you missed it.

PS: The Lady Killer is quite an interesting phrase to image search. And by that I mean don’t do it on your work computer. Also, Tipper Gore wants me to tell you this album qualifies as “Explicit.”

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