Vegalocatarianism. Or something.

After doing some reading and watching one too many internet videos of the horrible things that happen to baby pigs, cows and chickens in factories, I’ve decided to eat…differently…for a month. And then evaluate. I’m cutting out meat completely (not hard since I don’t currently eat much) and trying to cut out animal by-products, which is going to be 82947298347923874 times more difficult than the no meat thing.

I love cheese. I love cheese a lot. I’m fine swapping my half and half for almond milk in my coffee every morning. Almond milk is tasty. Fake cheese? Not tasty. Doesn’t melt right, doesn’t have the right texture, does’t taste like sharp white cheddar. Cheese and I have had a long, happy life together, but I’ve found out some things about it that make me question our relationship. And so I’m taking steps to move on.

I’m trying to be realistic here, however, and there’s no way I’m quitting something I love so deeply cold turkey. So for this month, my goals are:
1. No animal flesh. Nada. None.
2. No mass-produced dairy or eggs. In other words, cheese will only be acceptable if it is from a local farm and not a dairy factory that milks its cows to the point of being unable to walk.
3. Figure out how I feel about seafood/shellfish. This month I’ll continue to eat shellfish and other fishies, but look more into how they are farmed. If eating spicy tuna rolls means I’m also contributing to the rape of the planet, I could be convinced to re-think eating them. Maybe.

I’m thinking this is a pretty reasonable place to start, but that’s easy to say when my belly is still full of these cheese-and-egg covered breakfast pizzas I made over the weekend for a brunch tailgate:

(Thanks for the picture Nicole!)

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was full of good company and good food – mine was pretty stellar. Except for the part where my dog peed all over the living room carpet in a desperate plea for attention. That was embarrassing.

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