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50 Nifty, United States

I’d like to post more design-related content on here, seeing as that’s how I make a living, but it’s difficult to feel like I’m contributing much when the internet already has a million and a half amazing blogs and web sites that highlight the amazing work people are doing. But while browsing apartment therapy today, […]

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What, do I not look like a hip hopper?

Once upon a time, I interned as a page designer for a newspaper. That meant I was essentially a creature of the night. I didn’t have anything resembling “normal” work hours, and pretty much the only people I interacted with were the people I lived with and the people I worked with. My roommate from […]

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Warning: This album will make you want to boogie

I realize I am behind. So that means TWO albums this week instead of one, you lucky readers! That post will be later this afternoon, and I’m already chuckling at the pair I’ve picked. Before I get to that, let’s talk about Cee-Lo Green, and how much I loved Lady Killer. The only song I […]

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