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I’d like to post more design-related content on here, seeing as that’s how I make a living, but it’s difficult to feel like I’m contributing much when the internet already has a million and a half amazing blogs and web sites that highlight the amazing work people are doing. But while browsing apartment therapy today, somewhere between an amazing DIY garage sale chandelier makeover and a very hostile comment thread directed at a woman who solicited advice to update her “country” kitchen without actually wanting to make any changes, I found this project.

Dan Cassaro, a designer/animator/print maker out of Brooklyn, enlisted 50 designers to illustrate their state’s motto. (I have included my home state of CT’s illustration because Virginia’s hasn’t been done yet, and part of me still clings to my northern roots.) Only a few states have been completed to date, and I’m hoping there will eventually be an option to purchase some of the prints. I would love to have one or two of these on my wall. (Along with this Giclee print collection that I’ve been eyeing for oh, a year now?)

And just as a side note, Jessica Hische, the artist who created Pennsylvania’s illustration, is one of my very favorite designers. She does some absolutely gorgeous things with type – her motto illustration is no exception.


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