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I don’t use canvas grocery bags as often as I’d like because 1. I need the plastic ones to pick up after my dog, who refuses to poop in bushes and insists on doing it in people’s yards so that I have to pick it up, and 2. I have far too many ugly free […]

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Shameless plug

It isn’t for my work, so I think it’s allowed. I just wanted to brag for a second that I’m friends with Caite, who I know from our days back at JMU when we used to spend, oh, every waking hour or so at the student newspaper as editors. She was (no surprise here) the […]

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Week 5 – from Africa!

Well, not exactly, but the recommendation for it was. This week’s album was chosen by my good friend Anna, who broke my heart and ruined all of our lives by moving to Gabon with her family, thereby robbing us of weekly wine drinking sessions at her beautiful home in Blacksburg. Despite being a total buzzkill, […]

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Bring the ruckus!

Because I’m feeling incredibly lazy today (more like stir crazy – sitting in front of my computer when it’s warm outside in February seems like a cruel punishment), I’ve decided my album review is going to be done Twitter style, in 140 characters or less. Without further ado, the world’s shortest reviews: Bon Iver: Really […]

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When positive reinforcement goes wrong

My dog is not like other dogs. I’m sure a lot of people think this about their dogs, but I really think mine is…different. Not because she’s extremely bright or intelligent (she’s definitely not), in fact, she is motivated entirely by three things: 1.) food 2.) figuring out how to get you to pay attention […]

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