Week One

After much thoughtful consideration and evaluation, here is the the inaugural album for the 2011 Dreambox Music Project: Teen Dream by Beach House, on the reccommendation of a good friend in Blacksburg who co-hosts a radio show on WUVT (so his taste in music can’t suck too badly, right?).

Actually, it was less thoughtful consideration and evaluation and more that he gave me a copy of the album. Regardless, I’m excited to kick off the project and the week with it – which according to Wikipedia falls under the “dream pop” category, whatever that means. I did Google the band and album, but I’m going to hold off on really reading about them until later in the week. I had originally planned on just giving my uninfluenced thoughts on each album at the end of the week, which I’ll still subject you to, but I’d also like to know the background and context of what I’m listening to.

If you want to follow along, I’ve created a Grooveshark account specifically for this project. Each week I’ll add new tunes, and I encourage everyone that’s reading to listen along with me.

Thanks for all of your suggestions – I’m looking forward to listening to all of them! And with that, let the tune-age commence.

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