My belated resolution

And no, it does not involve getting my thighs under control.

Since graduating from college I’ve pretty much sucked at finding new music. Partly because my iTunes library is in shambles and in need of serious organization, and every time I open my library I take one look at all of those songs labeled “Track 1” and I am immediately overcome with the desire to uninstall iTunes and never look at my horrible, disorganized library of songs again. And partly because I don’t walk around campus or ride the bus with my iPod firmly implanted in my ears anymore and that makes me less inclined to need new music to act as a shield from people who might want to interact with me.

But that’s all about to change, with your help, dear reader. Starting next week, on Monday, January 17, I will launch my very official (you know, since I slapped together a logo and all) music project. With your recommendations, I will listen to one album a week for the next year and share my highly uneducated opinions about the music with all of you. I’m hoping that you all will have a pretty diverse collective taste in music, which should keep this interesting. There are no limits or rules as to what kind of music I’ll accept for this project,* so bring it on! The only ground rules for the project are that I need an entire album (no “Greatest Hits” crap, because that’s lame) and if I already own it, I won’t include it as part of the project.

I will also tackle the monumental task of organizing my iTunes library. Even though the thought of it is already making me want to cry. But hey, isn’t that the point of a resolution – to do something you know is good for you no matter how painful it might be?

So get to commenting! I need tunes!

*I reserve the right to not listen to anyone who recommends a Taylor Swift album.

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