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Tortilla Soup

Sorry for the worst picture ever taken – my camera was dying and I was only able to snap one picture. Crappy photo aside, this soup turned out amazing. I vegan-ized my recipe for tortilla soup, which is a recreation of this ridiculously amazing tortilla soup I had in Hawaii this past spring. The key […]

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Holly Jolly

Fast Tube by Casper Best commercial of the season. By far. I hope my family is prepared – this will be my entrance music Christmas morning.

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My first vegan baking experience, which I suppose was technically a failure because I didn’t know the sugar I bought was processed with animal bones. Aside from that, they didn’t suck! They didn’t get all golden like cookies made with butter do, so I stuck them under the broiler to “brown” some of them. That […]

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My roommates brought this squeaky toy into my dog’s life. I’m guessing it was supposed to be my punishment for the time she peed in one of their laps, but the joke is on them – turns out my incredibly intelligent and brave bagle is afraid of rubber things that squeak. She grabs it very […]

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