On scented candles

I’m generally opposed to scented candles. Not because they don’t smell nice, some of them do, but because they are usually so overpowering I feel like I’m being forced to eat “sugar cookie” or “christmas tree” or whatever other scent is being burned into my lungs. If I wanted a sugar cookie, I’d eat one, and never in my life have I wanted to eat a pine tree. It’s even worse if there’s actual food around, in which case you might as well douse the food with perfume and make me eat it, because the experience would be about as enjoyable.

I enjoy my “spa fresh” candle for approximately one hour before I start to get a headache and have to open all of the windows to air the place out. Limited doses are good, is all I’m saying.

Also, it is sort of embarrassing to own scented candles, but I’m willing to get past that stigma and the fact that they make my nose feel like it’s on fire if the candle is cute enough. Case in point, these adorable monogram candles from Anthropologie.

I just noticed that “X” “Y” and “Z” are not options for purchase. How am I supposed to spell out my name in candles without those letters?! What an outrage. Anthro can expect a strongly-worded letter in its future.

You might notice a few minor tweaks to the site – RSS and twitter links have been added to the main menu, and you can now tweet and share my posts on Facebook. Because I want to reach everyone through every form of social media possible. Stay tuned – I’ve got some fun things planned for the week, including Thanksgiving cocktail recipes to enhance, or help you through, the holiday. (I was going to post a recipe for mole enchiladas I baked this weekend, but um, I was really hungry and didn’t have time in between bites to take any pictures.)

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